Syncing your google calendar will allow you to fully automate your booking process. This means if you update your google calendar on your phone it will automatically update with your bookentertainment calendar. This will help you eliminate double bookings. 

If you manage multiple acts events booked on your google calendar will mark ALL ACTS as unavailable. It's better to manually update multiple acts using Block Days.

You need to use a computer to setup your google calendar sync.

We recommend you try and follow these steps first, however we can help you setup your google calendar sync on a one to one basis if you are having difficulty. Just use the link below to schedule a setup meeting online.

Standard Google accounts - Scroll past the G-Suite instructions and start from Standard and G-Suite instructions from number 1

G-Suite Google accounts - Follow this extra step:
Go to: and login

G-Suite accounts only:

Select apps
Then G Suite

Then calendar

Finally select sharing settings and select the bottom option named, "Share all information and allow managing of calendars"

Click on save. You will have to wait up to 24 hours to allow this change to happen - then start from number 1 on this list.

Standard and G suite accounts

Follow the instructions below. It looks advanced, but if you follow the steps it's actually very simple!

1. Go to your google calendar

If you are setting up your first google calendar click on the plus button and create a new calendar.

Once you have created your calendar or if you already have a calendar, click on the three dots next to your calendar name.

and select settings and sharing.

Next, make your calendar public

And to keep your details private, select the See all event details

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the Calendar ID

2. Go to the bookings tab on your Act Extranet and select the blue + Google Calendar button. Then paste your Calendar ID into the top box. Don't click on save yet!

3. This stage may seem a little complicated, but its easy if you follow the instructions carefully.

Open a new tab on your browser and go to sign in with the same email address for your calendar.

Click on Select a project

and click on New Project at the top right hand corner

Name the project BookEntertainment and click on Create

It can take up to a minute to create, then click on select a project

and select BookEntertainment

3. Almost there! Click on ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES 

Scroll down to the Google Calendar Icon and select it

Click on ENABLE

Once this loads, click on Credentials

Click on + Create Credential

Click on the blue text named "service account"

Click on + Create Service Account

Add the name as bookentertainment and click on create

Click on Role, select project and owner then continue

Click on done. Then  click on the email link

Then edit

Then create key


This should give you the file

4. Open this file, select all and copy - Don't close this tab yet!

Go back to your Act extranet tab, paste the code into the Client Secret JSON section and save

5. Final few steps

Go back to your google console tab, click on Manage service accounts on the right hand side

Copy the email address (Don't copy link address) and go back to your google calendar

Click on the 3 dots on your calendar and select settings and sharing

Scroll down to where it says Share with specific people

Click on ADD PEOPLE and paste the email address

Then click on the drop down menu named See all event details and change to Make changes and manage sharing

and click on SEND

6. Final step!

On your google calendar add a test event, make sure that you use the calendar that you have shared!

Go Back to your Act Extranet, refresh your page, and click on the sync icon