Booking System

BookEntertainment has an integrated booking system to help you manage your booking admin.

Calendar view

You can view your upcoming bookings by using the calendar and clicking on the booking:

Booking lists

Below your calendar you will find a list of bookings grouped by status:
    Bookings Awaiting Confirmation - Bookings that you have to accept or reject ASAP
    Confirmed Reservations - Bookings that have been confirmed and deposit paid
    Rejected Reservations - Bookings that you have rejected (This should always be empty!)
    Cancelled Bookings - Bookings that have been cancelled
    Block Days - Days that you have manually marked as unavailable
    Completed reservations - List of past bookings

Every booking will show:
    Booking Reference Number
    Act - What act is booked (You can have multiple acts/services on one account)
    Name - The customer's name
    Price - Total price of booking
    Date - Event/Booking date
    Status - The status of booking
    Payment Status - The payment status of the booking can be:
    Deposit paid - Customer has paid their 20% deposit
    Partially Paid - Customer has made partial payments towards their balance
    Paid - Customer has fully paid their balance
    Payment Error - Customers card has been declined
    Message Button - Send message to the client
    Flag Button - Flag the booking to Admin to make changes
    View Button - View full booking details

Viewing a booking

When you view a booking you can see the following details

    Booking Reference, Date and customer - Buttons to message or flag booking are at top
    Brief description of booking
    Booking Info - Timings, Setup times etc...
    Client Details
    Act Details
    Venue Details
    Financial Details - Including amount, remaining balance and balance due date