Modify or edit a booking

To modify or edit a booking, login to You will arrive at your dashboard where you will be able to view all new messages, upcoming bookings, held bookings and your latest reviews. 

Click on the Bookings tab to view all bookings.

If you want to add your event timings, to a confirmed booking, click on the View button and then the Select time intervals button.

If you have already added your time and need to change or to edit / modify any of your booking details please click on the Flag button and send a request to our admin team.

Please do not message your Act to modify or edit a booking.

Cancel a booking

To cancel a booking, please use the Flag button to contact our admin team. Terms and conditions apply.

Holding a booking

If you have used the BookEnterainment Hold feature, you will have 24 hours to confirm the booking or the hold will automatically cancel.