Great, you have signed up and ready to complete your profile and make yourself available for paid bookings. Here's a quick introduction to the main features and sections that should get you familiar with Book Entertainment platform quickly and easily. Make sure you have prepared your act by reading: Before you add your details

Areas covered:

  • The dashboard
  • Acts
  • Special prices for dates
  • Reviews
  • Payment set up
  • Bookings
  • Messages
  • Profile


When you log in and click profile as an act, you will enter the Act Extranet and can access your dashboard.
This screen provides a snap shot of all the important stuff:

Your bookings awaiting confirmation, customer messages, your earnings with BookEntertainment, upcoming bookings, held bookings and latest reviews.


This is where you can add a profile of your act / service. Click the middle icon to edit your profile. You can create multiple profiles if you have more than one act / service. 

Adding an act

Most of the subject fields have tooltips to easily explain what each field is about. Is you are stuck in any of these, watch the video below or let us help you by submitting a ticket.

Once completed, you need to pass our security checkpoint and our team will review your profile and approve your listing.

If you have a spare 3 mins, have a look at our "How to win more bookings with good media" video.

Special prices for dates

The feature allows you to change the price of your bookable options per date or for a range of dates. This will allow you to discount quiet dates and increase your price for dates like New Years Eve. Please remember that you must offer BookEntertainment clients price parity.


Customer reviews are essential for you to get bookings as they make decisions on what other people have said about you. The customer will get an email asking to write a review after an event takes place booked on BookEntertainment. You also can respond to reviews.

There is also a feature we recommend you complete now where you can request a review from past customers. This way your act will rate better on BookEntertainment and provide better opportunities to get more bookings.

Payment setup

Getting paid from your clients is easy with BookEntertainment. We have teamed up with Stripe to offer safe and secure payments to your clients. Please create your BookEntertainment stripe account in this section.


This is where your calendar lives! To make sure that you show up correctly for searches you must add unavailable dates manually (and keep it up to date) or sync with your google calendar. This tab is where your booking system lives, you can also view all details of Held, Pending, Confirmed and Past bookings here.


Block Dates
Every date on BookEntertainment is bookable by customers unless you block it out. Click on + Block Days and add unavailable dates for the next 3 years.  By default it will appear as "Unavailable". This will only be seen by you within your calendar. 

Google calendar
The best way to fully automate your bookings is by syncing your google calendar to BookEntertainment. You may need our team to assist with setting this up. To try yourself please use the following guide:

Booking System

BookEntertainment has an integrated booking system to help you manage your booking admin.

Calendar view

You can view your upcoming bookings by using the calendar and clicking on the booking:

Booking lists

Below your calendar you will find a list of bookings grouped by status:
  • Bookings Awaiting Confirmation - Bookings that you have to accept or reject ASAP
  • Confirmed Reservations - Bookings that have been confirmed and deposit paid
  • Rejected Reservations - Bookings that you have rejected (This should always be empty!)
  • Cancelled Bookings - Bookings that have been cancelled
  • Block Days - Days that you have manually marked as unavailable
  • Completed reservations - List of past bookings

Every booking will show:
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Act - What act is booked (You can have multiple acts/services on one account)
  • Name - The customer's name
  • Price - Total price of booking
  • Date - Event/Booking date
  • Status - The status of booking
  • Payment Status - The payment status of the booking can be:
  • Deposit paid - Customer has paid their 20% deposit
  • Partially Paid - Customer has made partial payments towards their balance
  • Paid - Customer has fully paid their balance
  • Payment Error - Customers card has been declined
  • Message Button - Send message to the client
  • Flag Button - Flag the booking to Admin to make changes
  • View Button - View full booking details

Viewing a booking

When you view a booking you can see the following details

  • Booking Reference, Date and customer - Buttons to message or flag booking are at top
  • Brief description of booking
  • Booking Info - Timings, Setup times etc...
  • Client Details
  • Act Details
  • Venue Details
  • Financial Details - Including amount, remaining balance and balance due date


To increase your bookings please respond rapidly to customer messages. It is a breach of our terms and conditions to share your direct contact details to customers using our messaging system. Conversations are monitored by our web team for compliance and allows contracts between you and the customer to be recorded for data protection.


Click on profile image at the top of menu to change your profile picture, email and password. Please also ensure your contact details are up to date.