You can list more than one profile for your service or Act on BookEntertainment. Examples of this are event hire companies with more than one service or a singer who sings as a solo act and also with a band.

Please note

  • Unavailable dates added using google calendar sync will make all Acts/Profiles unavailable for that date
  • If one Act/Profile gets a booking on BookEntertainment, the other Acts/Profiles will still show availability 
  • You can manually make acts unavailable by using the Block days button

Special prices for dates:
  • Each Act/Profile has to add special prices per date individually 

How to add additional Act profiles

Once you have your first listing created, go to the Acts section of your Act Extranet and click on the green "Add new" button

  • Add the information, media and pricing options for your new act
  • Once created you will now have 2 Acts in your Acts section