BookEntertainment will notify you via email when payments (20% "Deposit", Part payments and Balances) are made to your stripe account. You can view the payment status by signing in to your Act Extranet and clicking on the Bookings tab. Beside each booking you will see the payment status.

  • You can the remaining balance owed to you by clicking view. The summary text at the top of each booking form will let you know the balance amount and when it will be automatically paid.

Stripe notifications

You can view the status of your balance payments at any time via your Stripe account:
  1. Log in to your Stripe account and go to your dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Transfers’ tab on the left-hand side, then click on ‘View all transfers’
  3. You will see all your payments here. Upcoming payments will be displayed in grey with a ‘Pending’ status alongside. You can also click 'Export' to download your payments as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel for your own records.