• We take our commission plus 5% deposit for you as a 'deposit' on date of booking. This is only processed when you accept the booking.
  • To avoid chasing payments and losing money from clients, all Acts will receive their balance payments via the Stripe system. BookEntertainment will trigger the balance payment from the customer’s card 3 weeks (or less for last minute bookings) and send it direct to your bank account.
  • You may need to modify your cancellation policy to take account of the fact that BookEntertainment’s deposit is non-refundable. Please inform BookEntertainment if a customer cancels their booking with you by Flagging the booking and using our helpdesk system in the 'Bookings' tab of your extranet. This will ensure you receive daily booking reminder emails that are completely accurate and up to date.
BookEntertainment is designed to ensure Acts get paid efficiently with less worry so you can focus on your Act.