The BookEntertainment commission is non-refundable unless a booking needs to be cancelled or amended for reasons outside the control of the client.

These may include:
  • Incorrect calendar/availability management resulting in a double booking
  • Where the act has been misrepresented as a result of information added to or omitted from the listing, for example incorrect lineup of band members, inaccurate profile information or incorrect set times
  • Incorrect pricing where you will not honour the clients booking at the rate reserved
  • The band breaks up / act retires and does not honour bookings
If a client is forced to cancel their booking for the above reasons, you must refund the full 20% deposit (including the BookEntertainment commission), and partial balance payments if applicable as outlined in your agreement with BookEntertainment.

A refund should be arranged directly with the client from your Stripe system or via bank transfer, card or cheque as agreed with the customer.
We urge you to keep availability accurate at all times, check your listing information thoroughly, and ensure all rates and pricing rules are correctly specified.