Act Listing Setup Stage 2 - Prices

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Book Entertainment is a booking marketplace where your clients can choose an option and make a booking rather than wasting time sending messages to check price and availability. 

Book Entertainment do not charge you any membership fees. We charge 15% commission (includes VAT and card fees) OFF YOUR DIRECT PRICE. Adding our 15% commission on top of your price will make using BookEntertainment uncompetitive. Its fair that we deserve to get paid when we do our job and get you the booking.

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Adding your first pricing option

Here is where you add your pricing options. Clients will not see your options until they login and you can set different prices for different types of event. e.g. Wedding clients will only see prices that are tagged with weddings and party clients will only see prices that are tagged with parties.

Add your first pricing option without travel costs to the main pricing option section:

Main Pricing option Name - Add in what your option is, keep it nice and short e.g. Band or Photobooth 2 hour package etc...

Description - Add a short description of what the client is getting e.g. Band with PA system for 2 hours or Photobooth, Props, Attendant and Unlimited prints.

Price - Add the exact price without travel to this section. "Prices from" or "Message me for a price" will not work. For special dates e.g. New Years Eve you can increase or decrease your price using out special prices feature.

Duration - Add how long your show lasts

Event Types - Add the event types you want for this pricing option - You can select each event type from the list or use the checkbox to select all event types.

Add another pricing option - Use this button to add as many pricing options as you wish.

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Trade Prices

If you perform at pubs/venues you can add your trade price here (with pa or without pa etc..) Only registered venues that book regular entertainment will have access to these rates and not the general public. This is a great way to fill empty diary space with regular work.

Add trade prices in the same way you set normal pricing options and use the blue + button to add other options.

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Bookable Extras

If you have bookable extras for you act / service you can add them in this section. This is a great way to up-sell extra services. To add your first extra click on the blue + button.

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