Act Listing Step 3 - Time Details and Travel options

Time Details

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Setup Time - Add how minutes it takes to setup / sound check

Packing Time - Add how many minutes it takes to pack everything up and leave after your gig

Minimum days notice before your event - Add how many days notice you need before accepting a booking

How far in advance do you take bookings? - Add the period of time in advance for taking bookings

Early Setup price - Add your waiting time price per hour (e.g. if you have to setup pa and wait for hours before performing)

Late Packup price - Add your waiting time price per hour after performing.

Travel Options

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The travel options on BookEntertainment are set per county in the UK. Rather than price per mile, its easier for the customer for you to price up travel in each county. 

You will only be bookable for counties that you add here. If you leave a county out that you usually travel to, you will get no bookings for that county.

Free Travel Counties - Your home county is usually free and you can add any other counties in this section

Paid Travel Counties - Add paid travel counties in this section with a price. You can add multiple counties for one price or multiple prices for multiple counties.