Act Listing Step 6 - Cancellation Policy

Add your cancellation policy and extra terms that you need to add to the bookentertainment booking contract. 

Here is what the customer is already agreeing to:

BookEntertainment Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and Nature of agreement

BookEntertainment is a marketplace connecting acts with clients. By accepting these terms you agree to the details outlined in your booking. Your booking will not be fully confirmed until the act accepts these booking details. Once you receive confirmation of your booking, the act may provide additional terms and conditions based on their requirements. 

2. Cancellations / Changes to Booking

2.1 Cancellations by the Client

Each act will have their own cancellation policy within their terms and conditions. If the Client cancels the booking then the Client will forfeit the deposit, and may incur an additional cancellation fee.

2.2 Cancellations by the Act

If the Act cancels you are entitled to any monies paid to the Act. If this occurs, please flag with BookEntertainment and we do our utmost to source a similar act. 

2.3 Changes to the Contract on the day

Wherever possible the Client should try to contact the Act using the messaging system or BookEntertainment by flagging their booking to discuss the changes. If changes are not flagged on BookEntertainment, our team will not be able to assist. Any unavoidable changes to the contract schedule on the day must be agreed between the Client and the Act.

3. Payments, Refunds and Holding an Act

3.1 Payments

You have been given the option to pay 20% or 100% of balance. If you pay 20% then the remaining balance of 80% will be automatically debited on the balance payment date displayed on your booking info. 

3.2 Payment Provider

All payments are securely processed using our payment partner Stripe. You can view their terms and conditions on their website.

3.3 Refunds

Where applicable, refunds will be provided by the Act and not the responsibility of BookEntertainment.

3.4 Holding an Act

When using the Hold option within BookEntertainment, this is a Non-Refundable fee to block the act on BookEntertainment only for the agreed times.

4. Disputes and Complaints

If there is a complaint or a dispute arising from the engagement, then it should be submitted in to BookEntertainment. by using the ‘flagging’ system within BookEntertainment. BookEntertainment will try to resolve any such disputes to the satisfaction of both parties. BookEntertainment. is not responsible for such disputes through whatever cause arising.

You can view our website terms of use policy on the legal section of BookEntertainment.