BookEntertainment is an automated booking platform for event entertainers. Using BookEntertainment will promote your Act to the UK's first live booking engine for event entertainment, save you time by not having to reply to customers price / availability enquiries and will get you paid gigs, paid before you play!

To prepare your Act to work with BookEntertainment's automated system please check that you have the following:

  1. Images, video and media of your Act
  2. A Bio, write-up and selling points
  3. A clear pricing structure made up with:
    1. Base price for your act with description and performance times
    2. Prices based on event types e.g. Wedding £1000, Party £800 etc...
    3. Additional bookable options
    4. Travel fees based per county
  4. Be prepared to add unavailable dates to your booking calendar or Sync your google calendar
  5. Be willing to respond to emails rapidly from BookEntertainment

We are here to help you get more paid gigs and do what you love doing without the hassle of sales and admin.