Congratulations on your new booking.

Here we will explain the stages of receiving a booking from BookEntertainment.

New booking notification

You will be contacted by email with details of your new booking. You must click on the link to accept or reject the booking. This needs to be completed within 24 hours. You will also find a notification on your dashboard extranet. 

Accept or Reject the booking

You need to accept or reject the booking immediately. If you reject the booking you will have to provide a reason to the customer. We know mistakes can happen so please keep you pricing and availability up to date. If you constantly reject bookings your profile will be reviewed and you may be asked to leave BookEntertainment.

Deposit payment

We will debit 20% of the balance as a deposit payment. BookEntertainment take their 1commission at this stage leaving you a 5% deposit. If the booking is coming up within the next 3 weeks we ask the client to pay the full balance to book.

Final balance payment

The final balance payment will be automatically debited from the client's card 1 month before the event date. The client also has the option to pay off the balance in instalments before the final balance date.