BookEntertainment can fully automate your booking process. To do this we require you to let us know how long it takes you to both setup and packup, how many days notice do you need before you can perform at an event and how far in advance to you take bookings.

  • To set this up, go to your profile in your Act extranet, select acts and edit act and go to the option below travel options.

  • Setup time: How many minutes it takes to set your act up e.g 60 minutes for bands with PA or 10 minutes for Walk on Acts
  • Packing time: How many minutes does it take to pack your gear away after a performence
  • Minimum days notice before event: How many days notice do you need before getting booked for an event e.g. Funeral Musicians would be 1 day or for a large band 3 days to get all musicians organised. This is a great way of securing last minute bookings.
  • How far in advance do you take bookings: Add in how far ahead you would like to take bookings in your diary. The default is set at 3 years.

Early Setup and Late Packup Fees

Some Acts need to charge a fee for early setup of equipment or late packdown. You can set a fee per hour for these options to help cover the cost of waiting.

e.g Your band has a PA system to be setup and this take 60minutes. The client wants you to start at 8.00pm but wants you to setup by 6pm. The client will have the option to perform an early setup and will pay the waiting fee of £30/hour that is set by you. 

You can also set the price of a late packup e.g. you finish at 10pm but cannot pack equipment away until 12am.